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Keldon Johnson has rapidly become a notable scorer in the NBA. His offensive capabilities have grown considerably, and understanding his scoring can provide insights into his development and performance on the court. This article will break down his scoring in detail, including statistical ranges and core aspects of his game.

Key Offensive Aspects

Johnson's growth as a scorer depends on several key aspects:

  • Shot Selection: Johnson shows an impressive ability to assess and adapt his shots. He can execute a variety of shot types, which complicates defensive strategies against him.
  • Three-Point Shooting: Johnson's improvement from beyond the arc stands out. His current three-point shooting percentage lies in the range of 38-41%, making him a credible threat from long distance.
  • Driving to the Basket: Johnson's capacity to drive to the basket is robust. His agility and strength allow him to finish through contact, contributing to his overall scoring efficiency.

Mid-Range Game

The mid-range game remains a crucial part of Johnson's scoring arsenal:

  • Pull-Up Jumpers: Johnson's pull-up jumpers are executed with fluidity. Averaging around 40% from mid-range positions, he uses screens effectively to create space for these shots.
  • Catch-and-Shoot Scenarios: In catch-and-shoot situations, Johnson maintains a shooting percentage in the range of 45-48%. He positions himself well and demonstrates a quick release.
  • Post Moves: Although not the main aspect of his game, Johnson's post moves add a versatile dimension. He possesses a solid turnaround jumper and uses his footwork to gain an advantage over defenders.

Transition Offense

Johnson's scoring in transition is a critical component:

  • Fast Break Efficiency: Johnson excels in fast-break situations, converting around 60% of his opportunities. His speed and decision-making play a pivotal role.
  • Secondary Break: He also thrives in secondary break situations, often finding open lanes or trailing the primary ball-handler to maximize scoring opportunities.

Free Throw Shooting

Consistency at the free-throw line has been a focus:

  • Free Throw Percentage: Johnson maintains a free-throw percentage between 77-80%. This consistency provides reliable points and keeps defenders cautious.
  • Getting to the Line: Johnson frequently draws fouls due to his aggressive play style. He averages about 4-5 free throw attempts per game, adding substantial value to his overall point tally.

Johnson’s scoring abilities make him a versatile and dynamic player. For more detailed analyses and updates on emerging players, visit Arena Plus for comprehensive coverage.

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